Past Students’ Association

The purpose of the Past Students’ Association is to sustain a vibrant community of former students and staff with a focus on maintaining fellowship between past students and staff, supporting current students at St John’s and to support the continual growth of the College.
The aims of the Past Students’ Association are to:

  • maintain contact with former students
  • forge friendships between former students
  • provide opportunities for milestone years to have reunions
  • maintain a network of business and social contacts
  • celebrate the success of past students
  • provide the College with support through leveraging the expertise of its former students and financially as appropriate
  • support current students at St John’s, especially those who are financially disadvantaged

Past students and friends are welcome to be involved with this volunteer association, and all students, when leaving school become members. It is important that records of all former students and teachers are maintained, so that future generations of St John’s students may continue to be proud of the education they received at this College.

Past Students, without an e-mail address, are welcome to submit an alternative address. The information will be recorded on the Past Students’ database.

If you know a Past Student of St John’s, please spread the word.

All past students are invited to submit their information by clicking here.