Religious Education

Religious Education is at the very core of our existence. It is a most practical and relevant subject as it offers the opportunity of a Christian understanding of who we are as individuals and as members of a faith community. Religious Education at St John’s attempts to give meaning to students’ lives by exploring the heritage of Christianity in its richness of 2,000 years of Catholicism. Links will be established between the spiritual and other aspects of students’ lives.

Religious Education is life long. At St John’s Regional College it is based upon the Gospel message and its inherent values. The heart of this message is the Good News that God is love, that God’s love is made known in Jesus, and that God’s love is kept alive by the Spirit. It is, therefore, Education in Religion

Religious Education aims to develop:

Understanding of how Christians are called to live within a community of faith

Understanding of how Jesus’ life, death and resurrection expresses God’s love

Skills to read scripture

Awareness of Jesus as a role model through a knowledge of his life and teachings

Understanding and appreciation of the distinctive features of the Australian Church

Awareness of God’s presence in our lives and how the Church celebrates this

Appreciation of prayer and liturgy through liturgical and prayerful experiences, and

Appreciation of the environment.

Religious Education does not involve assessment of a student’s religious experience or personal faith. Teachers do assess and report in the areas of detail and quality of information presented, understanding of information presented and evidence of personal reflection. Methods of assessment include research projects, graphic displays, oral presentations, group activities, essays, lesson records and journal writing.