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Year 12 students VTAC Applications

09 September

URGENT REMINDER – Year 12 students VTAC Applications

It is good to see that about 113 students (out of approx. 150) have registered with VTAC (ie set up an Account)

Of that 113, around 90 have listed preferences (ie put in a Preference Application)

For those who still yet to do so, PLEASE attend to this asap



  • You should pay the $35 by Sept 28th (THURSDAY NEXT WEEK), or else the fee rises to over $100
  • You MUST put in at least 1 preference to access SEAS & Scholarships
  • SEAS closes 5pm on Oct 10th (first Tuesday Week 1, next Term) – all supporting statements for SEAS must be in to VTAC by this date
  • Scholarships close Oct 13th (Friday of Week 1, next term) – all supporting statements for Scholarships must be in to VTAC by this date
  • You have until Dec 21st to put preferences in, change order, remove or add (apart from those few eg medicine, fine arts etc that must be on preference lists by Sept 28th, can’t be added later)
  • Applying for RMIT’s SNAP – you need to email Mr Topham before Oct 10th


Any questions please contact Mr Bruce Topham


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