Student Wellbeing

Pastoral Care

St John’s is a safe environment where all students are cared for in their educational, spiritual, social and emotional needs.

All members of the College community have the right to be treated as equal and valued individuals, with their personal growth unhindered by discriminatory or anti-social behaviour.

With repect for the unique value and dignity of the person, we as a faith community nurture each other’s growth in the values lived by Jesus Christ to support a safe and productive environment.

As a Catholic community, we also work towards restoration when someone has made a mistake. We work towards healing and forgiveness and justice.

In 2008, St John’s established a vertical House System which operates from Year 7 to Year 12. This system is designed to develop and encourage connectedness and loyalty in students to their House and the College.

  • Each House consists of eight Homeroom Groups, which consist of approximately 5 students from each of the 7 – 12 year levels.
  • Each House has coordinator who is responsible for the overall development of each individual’s sense of belonging, loyalty and spirit in his/her House, as well as for administrative tasks.
  • Each Homeroom Group is immediately cared for by the Homeroom teacher. As much as possible, the same Homeroom teacher will remain with the students throughout their enrolment at the College.
  • Family members are placed in the same House but not usually in the same Homeroom Group.
  • The Homeroom Groups meet for 11 minutes each morning.
  • On different occasions, greater amounts of time are spent on House functions and House assemblies give students an opportunity to gather together to acknowledge student achievement and foster House spirit.

The House Coordinators oversee pastoral care of the students in their care. Dimensions of pastoral care include:

  • pastoral care programs;
  • appropriate behaviour of students;
  • the correct wearing of Uniform;
  • late arrivals and absenteeism of students;
  • student progress;
  • student subject selection and transition;
  • student promotion; and
  • conducting meetings and organising House activities with the House Leaders and Homeroom Representatives

Part of their duties involves arranging interviews with parents when necessary, facilitating House Information Evenings, House Assemblies and pastoral care programs.

House Coordinators work with Home Group and subject teachers to ensure that an environment and atmosphere which promotes the growth of each student is maintained. Supporting students in need and liaising with parents are primary focus.